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So Saifeena or Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are finally husband and wife! After much speculation about 'when will they' and 'how will they', the two actors got court married today in Mumbai. Here’s a peek at the newly-weds soon after the much-talked-about wedding.

Karisma Kapoor:
With my comeback film being a flop, at least I can get some mileage through this wedding!
Randhir Kapoor: Thank God these guys decided to keep it saved!

Kareena Kapoor:
Finally! Saifu is mine now. *tee hee*
Saif Ali Khan: I don’t understand the hype around our wedding. We have been living together for a while now.

Kareena Kapoor:
Don't I look like Kate Middleton at the balcony after her wedding?
Saif Ali Khan: Who cares? Just pray that I get really good movies, now that you’re almost out.

Image courtesy Viral Bhayani


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i completely love kareena..i was going to google saifeena wedding for the pics..u made my life easier.

13.03.2018 Лонгин:
“Both of them are a little bit cheeky,” she adds, referring to Saifeena’s humorous reactions to the media’s questions about their wedding.

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Saifeena Wedding News. Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor wedding pics: Did Karisma Kapoor play bridesmaid to sister Kareena?

11.02.2018 mildfomoho:
5 Day celebration of Big fat Bollywood wedding. Saifeena Sangeet picture.  Saifeena Resigterd marriage picture.

08.03.2018 Изот:
More Pics from Saif & Kareena's Wedding.  Mughal-Themed Reception For Saifeena In New Delhi.

06.04.2018 Никон:
The first Russian Fan Club is dedicated the Nawab Saif Ali Khan.