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    Carl Gallagher (born 18 January 1990) is a fictional character from the Channel 4dramaShameless, he is the fourth oldest Gallagher sibling. The son of Frank and Monica, his brothers are Phillip and Liam; his sisters are Fiona, Debbie, and Stella; his half-brothers are Ian and Nigel; and his half-sister is Delia. Initially he played only a minor role in the show as the sadistic sibling, but since series two has been featured just as much as the other Gallagher children since murdering Lillian Tyler's husband with the gun he found from the shoot-out a few episodes back in the finale.

    In the first series, Carl was jointly played by Tittensor's twin brother Luke Tittensor, but since the second series he has played the role alone.

    In series 3, Carl briefly worked for the Maguires by growing marijuana for them in his loft, until the police found out about the production. Carl was briefly taken into custody, and gave a statement that the marijuana was grown for the household's own personal use. But after a tip was given to the police about Mandy Maguire selling weed, her mother Mimi suspected that Carl betrayed them and sent her sons Donny and Shane after him. Later, Carl's siblings Lip, Ian and Debbie, figured out that the only person with the motive for informing the police about Mandy's dealings was in fact her brother Shane, who was angry that his mother chose his sister over him to oversee that area of the family business. After Lip confronted Shane over the matter threatening to spill the beans, Shane agreed to call off the family hunt for Carl.


    riverdale qartulad Shameless

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