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  • Ninu Nandakumar, London, United Kingdom
  • Bina Patel, United Kingdom
  • Vikas Navali, Redmond, Washington
  • Suresh Kumar, Bangalore
  • Nisha Upadhyay, Mumbai
  • Kumar, Mumbai
  • Sulabh Dube, Bangalore
  • Ashwinkumar L Sonawane, Bangalore
  • Krupanidhi H M, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Pliage d'une tente décathlon par Ludo, juin 2014

  • "We got the mandir delivered.. And we are happy about it.. Thanks a lot.. Bhawana "

    Ninu Nandakumar, London, United Kingdom

    "I received the temple today many thanks for that Bina Patel"

    Bina Patel, United Kingdom

    "Hey Bhawna, Got the mandir delivered last week. The delivery was really smooth.Looks good. Thanks"

    Vikas Navali, Redmond, Washington

    "Good one & very packing with all the safety measures taken to avoid damages."

    Suresh Kumar, Bangalore

    "Product is gud enough.nice stand to keep once specs.a good house decor.just size wise it is little smaller tan what I expected."

    Nisha Upadhyay, Mumbai

    "A beautiful piece. this wooden specs stand adds a touch of style to the way you place your specs. Simple, stylish, and very effective. Thanks."

    Kumar, Mumbai

    "Item arrived much ahead of the Delivery Time promised. Nice product - Value for money!!"

    Sulabh Dube, Bangalore

    "We got it for @Rs 5500, which is a good price for the quality that one gets. Checked similar ones in near by malls and I am happy with what I got."

    Ashwinkumar L Sonawane, Bangalore

    I bought a Teak wood temple from Arsun wood directly with custom made dimensions and the customer expectations were met with on time delivery by Arsun...... Product is really value for money and dimensions were exactly matched with our requirement and dimensions/colours were exchanged thro whatsup...........appreciate Bhawna as well as Ashish for their wonder full support in executing my orders with immense care....Trustworthy can pay in advance no issues... I bought mandir and also a rocking chir of teak wood....NICE ones...........

    Krupanidhi H M, Bangalore, Karnataka


    Pliage d'une tente décathlon par Ludo, juin 2014

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