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  • You may know him as the second actor to play Nicholas Alamain on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives from 1999-2000 or the mutant Brennan Mulwray in Mutant X, Coop the cupid on Charmed and even detective Carlos Fonnegra in Continuum, but he is so much more than that and we will find that out as we check out the topic Victor Webster’s wife, married, gay, girlfriend, height. Before we get into that, here are some facts about the star.

    • He was born Victor Webster in Calgary, Alberta, on February 7, 1973, to Roswitha, a hair stylist, and John (“Jack”) Webster, a police officer. Some might say he had quite the normal childhood, but in addition to that, he got into quite the amount of trouble as a teenager. In a bid to find a more creative and safe outlet, he started taking martial art lessons and he got so good that he eventually became a teacher.
    • Becoming an actor was not his first career path, in fact, it was quite far from it. He, first of all, worked as a stockbroker as well as in import/export. He first pursued acting in the late 1990’s and he really got his foot in the door when he landed the role of Nicholas Alamain on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives.

    • He is of very mixed descent and you bet that it shows, the star has Italian, Spanish, German, French, English and Scottish blood running through his veins.
    • Being an extraordinary actor is not his only great feat, in addition to that, he holds an undefeated record as a heavyweight in both Tae Kwon Do competition and amateur kickboxing.

    As much as we wish we could go on about the star, it is time to get started on the topic at hand, let’s get started on the topic of Victor Webster’s wife.

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    Victor Webster’s Wife/Married

    Before we get started on the topic of Victor Webster’s wife, note that the star, in actuality, has no wife. If there is anything we have to say, it is that this celebrity is as private as they come. The information about him out there is quite condensed and one has to do quite the amount of digging to even come out with half a morsel of information on this star. After much digging, it turns out that the star is not married.

    There is no indication anywhere that he has had a relationship of this nature with anyone and the closest he has come to getting married is when he married Phoebe Halliwell (portrayed by Alyssa Milano) on the hit TV series, Charmed. This is good news for the ladies out there who may be hoping to get his attention, seeing as the star is pretty much still on the market for a ‘Mrs’.

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    Victor Webster Gay/Girlfriend

    Though he has tried his possible best to keep his personal life under key and lock, a few little facts about him have slipped through the cracks. The star is clearly heterosexual, seeing as he has been involved with relationships with only members of the opposite sex. If there are any homosexual encounters in his closet, he has pretty much kept them there over the years. So, in conclusion, the star is openly into women and we have a little something to prove it.

    In 2009, the star was linked to Katrina Darrell, who most of you will remember as American Idols bikini girl. It was big news when the two were spotted enjoying a sushi date, actual intimate details about the relationship were. Before that, he was linked to Krista Allen in 1999. In addition to that, he was linked to  Katie Cleary and Monica Hansen in 2005.

    Victor Webster’s Height

    It is plain for all to see that the star is very much on the tall side, and we have the figures to prove it. Webster stands very tall at 6 feet 3 inches and in addition to that he weighs 97 kilograms. That is all we have on the very interesting topic of Victor Webster’s wife, married, gay, girlfriend, and height, in the event that there is any more interesting information on this star, you will be the first to know.



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    Victor Webster Height. In Centimeters- 196 Cm In Meters- 1.96 m M In Feet Inches- 6′5″.

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