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  • Belén Rodríguez

    Belén Rodríguez in 2009

    BornMaria Belén Rodríguez Cozzani
    (1984-09-20) 20 September 1984 (age 33)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina[1]
    OccupationTelevision personality,[1]actress, model, singer, dancer, showgirl
    Years active2001–present
    Height175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
    Spouse(s)Stefano De Martino (m. 2013; div. 2017)
    Children1 (Santiago De Martino, born 2013)

    María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani (Spanish pronunciation: [maˈɾi.a βeˈlen roðˈɾiɣes koˈsani]), known as Belén Rodríguez or simply Belén (born 20 September 1984), is an Argentine showgirl who has lived in Milan, Italy, since 2004.[2][3]


    Early life[edit]

    Belén was born on 20 September 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina[1] to Gustavo Rodríguez and Veronica Cozzani de Rodríguez.

    Veronica, of Italian origin,[1] is the daughter of immigrants[1] from La Spezia in Liguria.[1] Belén has a younger brother, Jeremías,[4] and a younger sister, Cecilia.[5][6] At the age of 10, Belén moved to Pilar with her family. She graduated from high school in December 2001[7] at the age of 17,[7] and later she enrolled in the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires,[7] but did not complete her studies because of ever-increasing career commitments, first undertaken in late 2000 when she was 16;[7] she started her career as a model,[7] initially in Argentina and then internationally.[7] Her younger sister, Cecilia (born on 18 March 1990 in Pilar, Argentina),[8] has also been active[8][9] in Italian show business since 2008[9] and as a model.[8] Since January 2014,[10] Cecilia has been Belén's business partner.[11] Since August 2015,[12] Jeremías, Gustavo and Veronica have lived in Milan.[12] Belen's younger brother, Jeremías Rodríguez (born on 11 November 1988 in Pilar, Argentina),[13] has also been active[13] in Italian show business since 2017.[13]

    Personal life[edit]

    From August 2004 to December 2008,[14] Belén was the girlfriend of Marco Borriello, at that time a footballer for A.C. Milan.[14] From January 2009[15] to April 2012[16] Belén was in a relationship with Fabrizio Corona; they broke up[16] when she met the dancer Stefano De Martino, her future first husband. Belén had a son, Santiago, on 9 April 2013[17] in Milan with Stefano De Martino; the couple were married on 20 September 2013;[18] on 22 December 2015, they separated.[19] De Martino and Belén were legally divorced on 24 January 2017[20] when they signed a judicial agreement at the Court of Milan;[20] as part of this divorzio breve (fast-track divorce), De Martino was ordered to pay one thousand euros every month to his son Santiago[21] until he reaches majority; the divorce legally went into force six months later. To avoid a lengthy public trial, De Martino neither demanded nor received money from his former wife,[22] and he is not required to pay money to her. Their son lives with Belén.


    Since 2004,[2] Belén has lived in Italy, where she has hosted variety shows, appeared in television commercials, films, and television programs.[3][23] Considered a sex symbol of the 2000s and 2010s,[3] Belén posed in Italy for Playboy and several nude calendars.[24] The tabloid press in Italy and abroad have closely followed her career and personal life.[2][23][24]

    The international press[2][23][24] nicknamed her "the RioplatenseSophia Loren"[2][23] and "the Italian Sara Carbonero".[23] In February 2011 Belén hosted the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival,[25] one of the most important shows in Europe;[23] she was the third Argentinian host of this music festival after Valeria Mazza and Lola Ponce.[23] During her long career, Belén has worked with many important Italian television personalities, including Gerry Scotti, Maria De Filippi, Paolo Bonolis, Michelle Hunziker and Gianni Morandi.[25]


    In the spring of 2007, the singer Taiyo Yamanouchi, during the run of Tintoria (it) on Rai 3, proposed to Belén an exclusive contract to launch her toward a potential musical career, but she (who was Taiyo Yamanouchi's partner in the hosting of that program) rejected the offer, preferring to continue her career as model, showgirl, and actress.[26] In the autumn of 2007 Belén played, with her personal friend Claudia Galanti,[27] the female lead in the videoclipBoyfriend, released in 2008 as part of the rapper Coolio's Steal Hear album.[28]

    In the summer of 2009, Belén made her debut as singer with the song Dai muovi muovi, written by Mario Gardini and composed by Giovanni Paolo Fontana and Roberto De Luca, the theme song of the Sarabanda's edition hosted by Belén on Canale 5. In February 2010[29] Belén debuted, as a singer contestant,[29] at the Teatro Ariston with Aeroplani (it), a single by Toto Cutugno that she also sang at the 2010 Sanremo Festival in a duet with Cutugno. In February 2015, during the Sanremo's Festival, Belén, using the stage name of Maria Belén, released the single Amarti è folle, written and arranged by Fortunato Zampaglione for the soundtrack of the film Non c'è due senza te.[3]


    In the summer of 2010 Belén made her debut[30] as an actress as the female lead in the filming of the cinepanettone[31]Natale in Sudafrica, directed by Neri Parenti and released on 17 December 2010.[32] In the autumn of 2010 she played the female lead in[33] the feature filmSe sei così, ti dico sì directed by Eugenio Cappuccio and released on 15 April 2011. In the autumn of 2010 she appeared as the female lead in the episode Il campo del vasaio of the Rai 1television seriesIl commissario Montalbano, which aired for the first time on 14 March 2011.[34] In the 2011–2012 season Belén was a guest star in a few episodes[35] of the second season (it) of Così fan tutte, an Italia 1sitcom directed by Gianluca Fumagalli. In the spring of 2012 Belén debuted as a dubbingvoice[36] in the animated filmGladiatori di Roma, directed by Iginio Straffi and released on 18 October 2012.[36] In the summer of 2014 she played the female lead in the feature filmNon c'è 2 senza te, directed by Massimo Cappelli and released on 5 February 2015.[37] In August 2015 Lux Vide and RAI Fiction announced[38] Belén's role as guest star[38] in the tenth season[39] of the Rai 1television seriesDon Matteo; the episode with Belén, titled La colpa (it), was first aired on 7 January 2016).


    In 2011, Belén launched two perfumes: Belén Rodríguez (Gold)[40] and Belén Rodríguez (Eau de Parfum).[41] In January 2014[10] the well-known Italian business weekly Il Mondo announced[10] that Belén, along with her sister Cecilia, was launching a limited liability company, called The Family Factor,[11] to oversee the family's multiple business activities in Italy in the areas of fashion, real estate, public relations, clothing, beauty salons, entertainment, catering, and other ventures.[42] In early 2014 the editor Arnoldo Mondadori Editore published[43] a photobook entitled Bella Belén.[44][45] In June 2015 Belén opened a new restaurant in Milan (specifically the historian restaurant named Ricci situated in Piazza della Repubblica) with the judge of MasterChef ItaliaJoe Bastianich and two other partners (Luca Guelfi and Simona Miele, the holders of Petit Bistrot in Miami and Milan).[46] At around the same time Belén opened the beauty salons[47] of Cotril, an Italian company for which Belén is spokesperson and business partner. On 2 September 2015[48] the Ricci causing a stir[48] in the Italian media because the Ricci received a good review[48] in the Food section of The New York Times. In December 2017, the Ricci was closed[49][50] and sold.[51][52]

    From 2013 to 2015, Belén funded[53] various entrepreneurial initiatives by Stefano De Martino (who was at that time her first husband) that ended up being very unsuccessful; these failures, according to Chi, are among the reasons leading to their separation in December 2015.[53] For example, in October 2014 Belén Rodríguez and De Martino founded a chain of clothing stores in Milan named 4store. Following initial success, in mid-2015 this chain was expanded to the area around Milan but failed later that year.[53] Due to financial losses due to Stefano De Martino's failed entrepreneurial adventures,[53] Belen had to sell for example the Imperfect brand just to pay the financial hole created by Stefano De Martino.[53]


    Belén began her career in 2001 at the age of 17[54] as a model in Argentina, Miami, and Mexico: she became the spokesperson for several lines of intimate wear. She posed also for important magazine covers, continuing in Italy beginning in 2004. Between 2004 and 2008 Belén took part in Milan fashion shows for spring/summer collections of Pin-Up Star, and she worked for other fashion houses such as Miss Sixty, Taglia 42, Cotonella, and Yamamay.[7] In the autumn of 2007, she had the main role, alongside Elisabetta Canalis and Christian De Sica, in the television commercials of TIM as Donna dei Sogni (Dream Woman). The collaboration between Belén and TIM continued until February 2011.[55] Starting in January 2008 she worked as a model and spokesperson at the fashion shows of John Richmond, Pitti, Vanitas, Jadea, Trendy Too and other brands in Florence, Rome, Naples, and Milan. Belen then worked as a model, spokesperson, and businesswoman with Cotril (chain of hair and beauty salons), Jadea (intimate wear brand), and Imperfect (clothing brand).

    From January 2012 she was the spokesperson for the jewellery firm 2Jewels and the technology firm Linkdem. In February 2012[56] posed naked for the cover of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, causing quite a stir.[56] In July 2012[57] Belen posed naked for the cover of the Italian edition[57][58] of GQ, photographed by Douglas Kirkland,[58] which also aroused much interest. In May 2013 she became a spokesperson (with Gerry Scotti) for the "marriage"[59] between Barilla and McDonald's. She then debuted as a stylist[60] for the clothing line Imperfect with Fabio Castelli. In June 2013 Belén became the spokesperson[61] for the cruise wear line Bikini Lovers created by fashion bloggerChiara Biasi.[61] Belén and her sister Cecilia in October 2013[62] presented the 2013–2014 fashion line of Imperfect as models and stylists.[62] In December 2013[63] Belén was the spokesperson[63] for the Pupi Foundation of Javier Zanetti, and she became the spokesperson (with Stefano De Martino, at that time her first husband) for the virtual application software created by WeChat.[64]

    As models and designers,[65] in February 2014 Belén and Cecilia presented[65] the third fashion line of Imperfect. In the spring of 2014 Belén posed for the cover[66] of SportWeek, garnering positive acclaim. In that same period she designed and produced, along with Cecilia,[67] the clothes for the new beachwear line[67] called Me Fui for the summer of 2014; at that time Belén became the spokesperson for Samsung's mobile phones. In the spring and summer of 2014 she was model and spokesperson (with Stefano De Martino, at that time her first husband) for Richmond Perfumes.[68] In January 2015[69] definitely ended the professional relationship, which began ten years ago, between Belén and Milan fashion shows for John Richmond in favor of the Venezuelan model Mariana Rodríguez[69] assisted by Paola Benegas (who ten years earlier had launched Belen in the world of fashion: this news caused[69] a sensation at the Italian press for this reason,[69] but also because of the alleged relationship, that in reality does not exist,[69] between "the two Rodríguez" launched by Paola Benegas at Milan fashion shows of John Richmond, that are Belén and Mariana). In September 2016 Belén lost Vanitas line in favour to Madalina Ghenea.[70]

    In the summer of 2005, Belén posed for the first time[71][72] naked for the Vuemme Calendar 2006 (published in late 2005 for the year 2006) of which she was the only model. In the autumn of 2005 Belén posed naked[73] for the De Nardi Calendar 2006 (published in late 2005 for the year 2006) along with three models[73] (Eva Collini, Ainett Stephens and Nena Ristić).[73] In the summer of 2006 Belén posed naked for the Fer Calendar 2007 (published in late 2006 for the year 2007), in which she was the only model.[74][75] In the summer of 2007 Belén posed naked for the Maxim Calendar 2008 (published in late 2007 for the year 2008), in which she was the only model.[76][77] In the summer of 2008 Belen posed naked for the Max Calendar 2009 (published in late 2008 for the year 2009), in which she was the only model.[78][79] In the autumn of 2009 Belén posed naked with her sister Cecilia for the Max Calendar 2010 (published in late 2009 for the year 2010) arousing much interest (partly because this nude calendar featured Cecilia's modelling debut).[80] Between late 2009 and early 2010 Vuemme published a Calendar Vuemme 2010 with Belén as the only model; this calendar, a reprint[72] of the previous one (2006), was successful because Belén's reputation had grown in the intervening four years.[81] In the summer of 2010 Belén posed for the Maxim glamour calendar for the year 2011. In the autumn of 2010 Belén posed for the TIM Glamour Calendar for the year 2011. After January 2011, because of her position has host of the 61st Festival of Sanremo, Belén ended her participation in the calendars. In the summer of 2012, Cecilia on the advice of Belen and Paola Benegas, posed totally naked for the For Men Calendar 2013 (published in late 2012 for the year 2013).

    Between 2004 and 2012 Belén took part as a model in the successful evening events program Sfilata d'amore e moda, hosted by Emanuela Folliero on Rete 4. In the summer of 2009, Belén won acclaim from the Italian public because she posed naked for Number 7 (July/August 2009) of Playboy Italia (the Italian edition of Playboy).[82][83] On 18 February 2009[84] Belén declared in an interview with Corriere della Sera[84] that a few years before she had rejected[84] a proposal to pose nude for the cover of Playboy Miami, preferring to remain in Italy to pose for a fashion shoot for an Emilian company.[84] In early 2012 Belén became the new face of the lingerie line Arthur's Underwear. In July 2012[85] the Italian tabloids reported that[86] the US edition of Playboy had plans to contact Belén to pose naked[87] for the cover and centerfold of the August issue, but subsequently this news was denied.[88] In the summer of 2013,[89] the Italian press announced[90] Belén was to receive through the agency of Paola Benegas[91] a job offer from the international lingerie brand Victoria's Secret,[92] but it came to nothing. In August 2017[93] Belén became the new worldwide testimonial[94] of Swarovski with Alessandra Ambrosio[95] and Shanina Shaik.[96]

    In the spring and summer of 2015 the experience[97] of Me Fui was repeated successfully, causing[98] a sensation in the Italian media[98] when Paul Marciano[98] chose Belén as its flagship model[98] and the new worldwide spokesperson[98] for Guess? (a role previously entrusted to big international celebrities such as Claudia Schiffer, Adriana Lima, and Paris Hilton) alongside the spokespersons of that time Charlotte McKinney and Gigi Hadid; specifically,[99]Paul Marciano chose Belén for the spring–summer of the 2016 season (photo taken in October 2015)[99] and the autumn–winter of the 2016–2017 season (photo taken in April 2016).[100] In the spring–summer of 2016[101] Belén and her sister Cecilia repeated with success[102] the experience of Me Fui.[103] In February 2017 Belén posed for the women's intimate line and also for the homewear collection of Jadea for the spring–summer of 2017.[104] In March 2017[105] Belen became the testimonial[106] of the eyeglass line named Foreyever. In April 2017 Belén and Cecilia repeated with success the experience of Me Fui for the spring–summer of 2017.[107] In July 2017 Belén became the new testimonial[108] of McDonald's and of the new wavy hair plate (named Bellissima Beach Waves)[109] of Bellissima Italia.[110][111] In October 2017 Belén became the new testimonal of Alessandro Angelozzi Couture for the 2018 line of wedding dresses.[112] In winter 2018, Belén posed for the new line of Swarovski,[113] for Instagram[114][115] and (with Cecilia) for the new line of Me Fui for the spring–summer 2018.[116]


    Belén has worked in Italy since 2004 as a fashion model and a variety show host. Her debut as a showgirl and television host dates back to November 2006, with the programs of Tele Boario 1, the local television network of Val Camonica.[117] After having signed with Paola Benegas as her first agent in Italy, in the spring of 2007[118] Belén debuted on Italian national television, hosting, with the singer Taiyo Yamanouchi, the late-night comedy show La tintoria[118] on Rai 3 (during this show Yamanouchi urged Belen to start a career as a singer,[26] an idea she rejected, saying she preferred to stay in the television industry).[26] In the summer of 2007 Belén hosted,[119] with Fabrizio Frizzi, the prime time variety show Circo Massimo Show.[119] In the autumn of 2007 Belén, with Lucia Ocone, co-hosted the late-night variety show Stile libero Max hosted by Max Giusti on Rai 2. At the end of 2007 Belén appeared in several episodes as a participant and as a journalist for Videonews in Verissimo, the entertainment news program hosted by Silvia Toffanin on Saturday afternoon on Canale 5. Belén appeared as a showgirl in the episode of 4 April 2008 (during which she introduced her sister Cecilia, who was 18 years old at that time, in her Italian television debut)[9] of the prime time variety show I raccomandati, hosted by Carlo Conti and Alessia Ventura on Rai 1.[3] In the spring of 2008 Belén appeared as a journalist and co-host (with Selvaggia Lucarelli[120] and others), in Pirati, a late-night television program on Rai 2.[120] In the summer of 2008 Belén appeared as a showgirl and a journalist for Videonews (with Aída Yéspica, Ainett Stephens, Melita Toniolo and others) in the Italia 1 television program Lucignolo. In the autumn of 2008 Belén, after modeling for Max magazine a few months previously, appeared in the eighth season of L'isola dei famosi, a reality show aired by Rai 2 and hosted by Simona Ventura.[1] Belén won 2nd place, arousing considerable interest in the Italian television audience; according to Italian television critics, this event was the "turning point" in her career, marking the beginning of her becoming "a big celebrity".[121]

    In December 2008 Belén joined the cast[3] of the agency's artists Arcobaleno Tre of Lucio Presta; this news was covered widely in the Italian press because Lucio Presta was the agent of Paolo Bonolis and Roberto Benigni. In the winter of 2009[15] Belén hosted, with Claudio Amendola and Teo Mammucari, the eleventh season[3] of the prime time variety show Scherzi a parte on Canale 5.[15] From 2009 to 2011 Belén appeared in television commercials advertising the mobile phone network operating companies; during this period Belén began endorsing and modeling luxuryjewellery.[1] In the summer of 2009[122] she was the co-host of Teo Mammucari on the Canale 5 quiz show Sarabanda, for which she had recorded the theme song.[3] In the autumn of 2009 Mediaset offered her a contract for the 2010 year to co-host, with Mammucari, the new prime time variety show Fenomenal on Italia 1, which she rejected on the advice of her agent, Lucio Presta. At the end of 2009, Belén was a guest star on 23 November episode in the 10th season of the Italian Big Brother, a Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi;[123] at around this time the Italian press launched a rumour saying that Mammucari and Rodríguez were going to be asked by Mediaset to join the cast of presenters of the 2009–2010 edition of Striscia la Notizia, but Antonio Ricci (the producer of Striscia) denied this[124] (Belén joined Striscia as host in 2015). In the winter of 2010 Belén appeared with her sister Cecilia in the late-night variety show Chiambretti Night on Italia 1.[125] At around this time Belén rejected the offer of Mediaset to appear with Teo Mammucari in the proposed[126] fourth season (never realized) of Love Bugs, a sitcom aired by Italia 1, preferring, on the advice of her agent Lucio Presta, to sign a contract to work only with RAI until June 2011. Belén was a guest performer on the most prestigious televised Italian song contest, the Sanremo Music Festival,[1] where she sang a duet with the Italian singer Toto Cutugno[1] on 18 February 2010, to acclaim[29] from the public and critics.[29] At around this time, the Italian press announced[127] Belén's upcoming participation[127] in a movie directed by Tinto Brass, but this news turned out to be an April Fool's joke that caused various controversies in the Italian news media.

    In February 2011 Belén co-hosted the Sanremo Music Festival 2011 with Gianni Morandi and Elisabetta Canalis.[128] In the spring of 2011 Belen hosted, with Francesco Facchinetti, Ciak... si canta! aired by Rai 1.[129] In the summer of 2011 Belen participated[130] in the variety show La notte degli chef aired by Canale 5 and hosted by Alfonso Signorini. In the autumn of 2011 Belén hosted the comedy show of Italia 1Colorado with Paolo Ruffini, Digei Angelo and Chiara Francini. In the winter of 2012 Belén hosted on Canale 5 the talent show Italia's Got Talent with Simone Annicchiarico: they hosted this program again in the winter of 2013 and in the autumn of 2013. In the spring of 2012, Belén performed in the 11th season of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi as part of the programme's regular dance troupe. Substituting for Ivana Mrazova (it), Belén co-presented, with Elisabetta Canalis, during the first two evenings of the 62th Sanremo Music Festival in February 2012. In the autumn of 2012 Belen hosted the comedy show of Italia 1Colorado with Paolo Ruffini, Digei Angelo, Elena Morali and Jiang Wei. In the summer of 2013, Belén and Stefano De Martino (who was at that time her future first husband) participated in the prime time program Studio 5 televised by Canale 5.[131] In the spring of 2014 Belén was the guest star in two programs: Colorado aired by Italia 1[132] and Giass aired by Canale 5.[133]

    In February 2014, during the 64th Sanremo Festival, Belen participated, as a speaker and radio presenter,[134] at the talk show of RTL 102.5Password to comment on the event[134] and then she was the guest star of Domenica In - Speciale Sanremo aired by Rai 1.[135] In the spring of 2014 Belen hosted[132] the afternoon program of Italia 1Come mi vorrei (it), Italian version of Plain Jane.[132] In May–June 2014 Belén took part as "first dancer",[136] of Chiambretti Supermarket (it), a late-night talk show aired by Italia 1 and hosted by Piero Chiambretti.[136] In the autumn of 2014[137] Belén hosted on Canale 5 the first season (it) of Tú sí que vales (it) with Francesco Sole. On 8 February 2015 Belen was the co-host[138] of Gerry Scotti in the sunday special episode of the quiz show Avanti un altro! Pure di domenica... (it) aired by Canale 5.[139] On 13 February 2015[140] Belén and Stefano De Martino (who was at that time her first husband) participated in the recordings of an episode of the Saturday evening people show C'è posta per te (it) hosted by Maria De Filippi; the episode was aired on 14 March.[141] In 2015, Belen preferred to send her sister Cecilia to the L'isola dei famosi 10 instead of Stefano De Martino, who was at that time Belén's first husband.

    Outside of Mediaset, in 2015 Belen was the guest star in two prime time programs: on 28 May 2015 in the talk show Announo (it) aired by La7 and hosted by Giulia Innocenzi,[142] on 11 December 2015 the variety show Andrea Bocelli - Il mio cinema hosted by Massimo Giletti in honour of Andrea Bocelli and aired on Rai 1;[143] inside Mediaset Belen was the guest star and the co-host of Striscia la Notizia with Ficarra e Picone on 30 April 2015[144] and of Arena di Verona, lo spettacolo sta per iniziare (it) with Elena Santarelli and Paolo Bonolis on 3 June 2015.[145] In the autumn of 2015 Belen and Francesco Sole hosted the second season (it) of Tú sí que vales (it).[146] In the winter of 2016 Belen hosted[147] in the prime time of Canale 5 the first season (it) of the talent show for children[148]Pequeños gigantes (it). In September 2016 Belen hosted Striscia la notizia with Michelle Hunziker.[149]

    In the autumn of 2016 Belén was the host of the third season (it) of the prime time Saturday evening talent show Tú sí que vales (it) aired by Canale 5; in this season Francesco Sole was replaced by Simone Rugiati as Belén's co-host,[150] and the jury (composed by Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi and Mara Venier) was expanded with the addition[151] of Teo Mammucari. In the season 2016-2017 Belén was the guest star on L'intervista (it) (aired in October 2016 on Canale 5)[152] on Nemicamatissima (it) (aired in December 2016 by Rai 1)[153][154] on C'è posta per te (it) (aired in January 2017 by Canale 5), on Emigratis (it) (aired on early April 2017 by Italia 1) and then on Maurizio Costanzo Show (it) (aired on late April 2017 by Canale 5).[155] In May–June 2017 Belén took part[156] as "journalist and showgirl" in the second season[157] of the program Selfie - Le cose cambiano (it) aired by Canale 5 and hosted by Simona Ventura. In the autumn of 2017[158] Belén was the host of the fourth season (it) of the prime time Saturday evening talent show Tú sí que vales (it) aired by Canale 5; in this season Belen's co-host Simone Rugiati was replaced[158] by Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Sakara. In October 2017 Belén was the guest star in the second season of the Grande Fratello VIP (aired on Canale 5 and hosted by Ilary Blasi with Alfonso Signorini)[159] and in the 5th season of Chi ha incastrato Peter Pan? (it) (aired on Canale 5 and hosted by Paolo Bonolis with Luca Laurenti).[160] In spring 2018, Belén will host the new season of Grande Fratello.[161]

    Career and awards[edit]


    2011Premio Regia Televisiva (it)
    (Television Presenter Award)
    Personaggio rivelazione dell'anno
    (TV Personality of the year)
    2013Accademia Amici della Lirica
    (Friends of the Opera Academy)
    Donna dell'anno
    (Woman of the year)
    2014Galà della Pubblicità
    (Gala of Advertising)
    Eccellenza dell'anno
    (Excellence of the year)
    2015San Gennaro Day
    (Januarius Day)
    Opera d'arte vivente dell'anno
    (Living artwork of the year)



    • 2008 – Boyfriend, song from Coolio (Belén Rodríguez is the female protagonist[27][28] of the videoclip Boyfriend from the album Steal Hear of the singer Coolio)



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