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  • How to Use Apple Pay

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    #!/usr/bin/env python
    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
    from datetime import datetime
    from .utils import (
    Wallet, HDPrivateKey, HDKey
    from .network import*
    import inspect
    _, seed = HDPrivateKey.master_key_from_entropy(strength=strength)
    return seed
    now =
    seconds_since_midnight = (now - now.replace(
    hour=0, minute=0, second=0, microsecond=0)).total_seconds()
    '%y%m%d')) + seconds_since_midnight*1000000) //100)
    defcreate_address(network='btctest', xpub=None, child=None, path=0):
    assert xpub isnotNone
    if child isNone:
    child = generate_child_id()
    if network =='ethereum'or network.upper() =='ETH':
    acct_pub_key = HDKey.from_b58check(xpub)
    keys = HDKey.from_path(
    acct_pub_key, '{change}/{index}'.format(change=path, index=child))
    res = {
    "path": "m/"+str(acct_pub_key.index) +"/"+str(keys[1].index),
    "bip32_path": "m/44'/60'/0'/"+str(acct_pub_key.index) +"/"+str(keys[-1].index),
    "address": keys[1].address()
    if inspect.stack()[1][3] =="create_wallet":
    res["xpublic_key"] = keys[-1].to_b58check()
    return res
    # else ...
    wallet_obj = Wallet.deserialize(xpub, network=network.upper())
    child_wallet = wallet_obj.get_child(child, is_prime=False)
    net = get_network(network)
    return {
    "path": "m/"+str(wallet_obj.child_number) +"/"+str(child_wallet.child_number),
    "bip32_path": net.BIP32_PATH+str(wallet_obj.child_number) +"/"+str(child_wallet.child_number),
    "address": child_wallet.to_address(),
    # "xpublic_key": child_wallet.serialize_b58(private=False),
    # "wif": child_wallet.export_to_wif() # needs private key
    network = network.lower()
    if network =="bitcoin_testnet"or network =="btctest":
    return BitcoinTestNet
    elif network =="bitcoin"or network =="btc":
    return BitcoinMainNet
    elif network =="dogecoin"or network =="doge":
    return DogecoinMainNet
    elif network =="dogecoin_testnet"or network =="dogetest":
    return DogecoinTestNet
    elif network =="litecoin"or network =="ltc":
    return LitecoinMainNet
    elif network =="litecoin_testnet"or network =="ltctest":
    return LitecoinTestNet
    elif network =="bitcoin_cash"or network =="bch":
    return BitcoinCashMainNet
    elif network =="bitcoin_gold"or network =="btg":
    return BitcoinGoldMainNet
    elif network =="dash"or network =="dash":
    return DashMainNet
    elif network =="dash_testnet"or network =='dashtest':
    return DashTestNet
    return BitcoinTestNet
    defcreate_wallet(network='btctest', seed=None, children=1):
    if seed isNone:
    seed = generate_mnemonic()
    net = get_network(network)
    wallet = {
    "coin": net.COIN,
    "seed": seed,
    "private_key": "",
    "public_key": "",
    "xprivate_key": "",
    "xpublic_key": "",
    "address": "",
    "wif": "",
    "children": []
    if network =='ethereum'or network.upper() =='ETH':
    wallet["coin"] ="ETH"
    master_key = HDPrivateKey.master_key_from_mnemonic(seed)
    root_keys = HDKey.from_path(master_key, "m/44'/60'/0'")
    acct_priv_key = root_keys[-1]
    acct_pub_key = acct_priv_key.public_key
    wallet["private_key"] = acct_priv_key.to_hex()
    wallet["public_key"] = acct_pub_key.to_hex()
    wallet["xprivate_key"] = acct_priv_key.to_b58check()
    wallet["xpublic_key"] = acct_pub_key.to_b58check()
    child_wallet = create_address(
    network=network.upper(), xpub=wallet["xpublic_key"],
    child=0, path=0)
    wallet["address"] = child_wallet["address"]
    wallet["xpublic_key_prime"] = child_wallet["xpublic_key"]
    # get public info from first prime child
    for child inrange(children):
    child_wallet = create_address(
    network=network.upper(), xpub=wallet["xpublic_key"],
    child=child, path=0
    "address": child_wallet["address"],
    "xpublic_key": child_wallet["xpublic_key"],
    "path": "m/"+str(child),
    "bip32_path": "m/44'/60'/0'/"+str(child),
    my_wallet = Wallet.from_master_secret(
    network=network.upper(), seed=seed)
    # account level
    wallet["private_key"] = my_wallet.private_key.get_key().decode()
    wallet["public_key"] = my_wallet.public_key.get_key().decode()
    wallet["xprivate_key"] = my_wallet.serialize_b58(private=True)
    wallet["xpublic_key"] = my_wallet.serialize_b58(private=False)
    wallet["address"] = my_wallet.to_address()
    wallet["wif"] = my_wallet.export_to_wif()
    prime_child_wallet = my_wallet.get_child(0, is_prime=True)
    wallet["xpublic_key_prime"] = prime_child_wallet.serialize_b58(private=False)
    # prime children
    for child inrange(children):
    child_wallet = my_wallet.get_child(child, is_prime=False, as_private=False)
    "xpublic_key": child_wallet.serialize_b58(private=False),
    "address": child_wallet.to_address(),
    "path": "m/"+str(child),
    "bip32_path": net.BIP32_PATH+str(child_wallet.child_number),
    return wallet

    How to Use Apple Pay

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