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  • Kate Upton: From Cat Daddy to 'Gangnam Style' Dancing!

  • Photographer Terry Richardson uploaded a video on YouTube in May 2012 that would garner almost 22 million views.

    Why? Because it featured Kate Upton dancing the “Cat Daddy” in a tiny, glittery red bikini.

    The video would go on to cement her place in the swimsuit modeling world, and earn Upton half her fame.

    The rest came from her “Sports Illustrated Swim” cover.

    (GIF: YouTube)

    But in a new interview for the June issue of Vogue, the busty 22-year-old said she was originally horrified that Richardson released what she thought was behind-the-scenes material to the public.

    (Photo: Vogue)

    “I was like, ‘That was disrespectful, you could have told me!'” Upton said when the publication asked if she ever confronted Richardson.

    “Now, obviously, it’s fine.” (RELATED: Here’s How Kate Upton Celebrated Her Easter)


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    Kate Upton: From Cat Daddy to 'Gangnam Style' Dancing!

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    Kate Upton dancing in a red bikini viral Kat Daddy video banned by YouTube. Mark MolloyWednesday 2 May 2012 12:04 pm.

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    Kate Upton shows off her assets while dancing to The Rej3ctz' "Cat Daddy." The video, directed by Terry Richardson, was briefly banned from YouTube.

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    Strictly Come Dancing.  Kate Upton and Sara Sampaio have been tapped to star in a video celebrating Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 for Vogue magazine.

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    @kateupton 5.3kk. Kate Upton. American model and actress.  Instagram photos of The Walking Dead cast. Dancing with the Stars Season 20.

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    so i cat daddy’d with kate upton a week ago and we put it up today and it’s the only place on the internet to find a video of kate upton dancing to the ‘cat daddy’ dance in a hoodie!

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    It's called the "Cat Daddy," and Upton does it in a bikini.  MORE: Terry Richardson Bikini Dance Kate Upton Bikini Youtube Videos Kate Upton Dance.